HddLed Indicator is a software to show hard disk drive and SSD activity on screen and system tray the same way as a hardware HDD LED.

It provides the amount of transferred data and a list of most active user processes. It is useful for the remote controlled or out of sight computer, especially if a laptop or ultrabook has no hardware activity led.

Free download HddLed Indicator version 1.2.5   (checksum)
md5: 73b1eccbe2f21259766c951ca127d696
sha1: e7ffe9584101ed534acbdaabefc87998aa5a0fe9
sha256: 5895ee226d316e1c558a789bb964bc0fc9050a2bcbe0a569660e3348c9acc401
Key features View screenshots

  • Monitor multiple hard drives and SSD activity.
  • Monitor multiple logical disks.
  • All-in-one led - single led indicator for all drives.
  • All-in-one led in the system notification area (tray icon).
  • Top5 of user processes with the most read/write data.
  • Instant new led for removable storage or flash drive.
  • Unique read and write activity display in a single led.
  • Optimized for extremely low memory and cpu usage.
  • No administrator account required to install and run.

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The price of the single computer license is 4.99$

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