HddLed Indicator is a software tool to get hard disk drive and SSD activity light on screen and system tray. Free download HddLed Indicator version 1.2.4 (~500kb)
HddLed Indicator is a tool to see hard disk drive and SSD activity the same way as a hardware led. If you use your PC remotely or your laptop or ultrabook has no hardware activity led at all, HddLed Indicator will help to monitor storage activity including removable flash drives.
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  • Monitor multiple hard drive and SSD activity.
  • Monitor multiple logical disks.
  • All-in-one led - single led indicator for all drives.
  • All-in-one led in system notification area (tray icon).
  • Top5 of user processes with the most read/write data.
  • Instant new led for removable storage or flash drive.
  • Unique read and write activity display in a single led.
  • Extremely Low memory and cpu consumption.

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The price of the single computer license is 4.99$
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HddLed Indicator is a free to try software with no functional difference comparing the registered version.
Number of licenses Price per unit
Single computer license*$4.99
2 and more computer licenses$3.49
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  *A single computer license allows installation and use of HddLed Indicator software on one computer.

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